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Rachel Whetstone and Uber: What’s Going On

Uber is continuously losing its top-level people with Rachel Whetstone, Uber’s head of policy and communications, leaving the ride-hailing company as well this year. Uber has also been dealing with a number of scandals during recent times and some have been wondering what is really going on internally.

Whetstone told the Business Insider, “I am incredibly proud of the team that we’ve built—and that just as when I left Google, a strong and brilliant woman will be taking my place. I joined Uber because I love the product—and that love is as strong today as it was when I booked my very first ride six years ago.”

Uber Troubles?

There have been many untoward reports of the workplace environment/culture and the behaviour of certain executives in Uber. These issues have been, to a certain degree, tarnishing the reputation of the famous ride-hailing application.

It has been reported by the New York Times that Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief executive has had a complicated relationship with Whetstone. This was according to three anonymous employees of Uber, who remained unnamed because they were not authorised to discuss information of this kind.

The same report also states that they both clashed over the handling of external communications and their personalities clashed.

Rachel Whetstone Isn’t The First To Leave

Rachel Whetstone isn’t the first to leave the company. Jeff Jones, formerly from Target, President of Uber also left after spending a mere half a year with the company. Ed Baker, VP of Product and Growth, also departed at the same as Jones did, in March.

Here is an excerpt of Travis Kalanick’s email to Uber’s employees:

“Since joining in 2015, Rachel has blown us all away with her ability
to get stuff done. She is a force of nature, an extraordinary talent
and an amazing player-coach who has built a first-class organization.
Importantly, Rachel was way ahead of the game when it came to many of
the changes we needed to make as a company to ensure our future
success—from promoting cross-functional teamwork to improving
diversity and inclusion.”

This is definitely big news in the world of tech, stay tuned for more updates!

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