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Powrtabs: These ‘Power Condoms’ By Millennials May Soon Replace Power Banks

Reports have it that millennials no longer use condoms. But two young developers found its new purpose by creating a condom-like device called Powrtabs. It’s supposedly the solution to the portable and environment friendly disposable mobile phone chargers that this world seems to lack.

It seems like the millennials truly have a huge deal with condoms these days. Nevertheless, Powrtabs, the phone charger, will be changing the course of history as we know it.

Powrtabs: Game-Changing Innovation by 20 Something Millennials

Who would’ve thought that a condom-like device would solve the problem that plagues this world? It’s not early pregnancy, no. It’s the people’s starvation and high demand for one-time use mobile power.

Forbes reports Powrtabs could solve the problem that energy-sucking apps provide to smartphones 2016 owners. People would rather run out of gas in the middle of the night somewhere than be stuck with a dead phone in the middle of the night.

Developers Steven and Nick Helfer said they realized the world needs mobile power now more than ever. All smartphone users need to do is to plug it in their devices and voila! It charges from zero to full in less than 30 minutes.

The Helfer brothers believe the device is likely to become one of the must have smartphone accessories in the future.

Store Powrtabs anywhere, you never know when you'll need a plug ?

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Condom Devices: Best Smartphone Accessories 2016

Another condom invention is the PortaPow. But rather than providing mobile power, the PortaPow provides security for USB ports.

It blocks the entry of malware that usually gets in easily when a person transfers files from one device to another. Quartz reports this British technology is getting a lot of love these days when it increased sales right after a lawyer tweeted about the wonders it can do.

Back to the Powrtabs. The unit sells at $4.99 a piece. Not bad for a device that could potentially save a lot of lives.

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