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Nokia 3310 Revival: Price, Release Date, Possible Fresh Features

In the age of the smartphone, it’s hard to imagine that we once used phones like the Nokia 3310. Once upon a time, phones didn’t have any internet capabilities and had extremely limited graphics.

The most impressive thing you could find on a phone was perhaps a calculator. And yet they were well loved for their long battery life, durability and longevity. Nokia is now seeking to cook up a little nostalgia with a revival of the Nokia 3310.

Arguably the model that made Nokia such a well-known and loveable brand, the 3310 is a classic. Even past its heyday, that model remains known for being quite the tank. Users didn’t have to worry so much about cracking its screen with a single drop, or draining the battery in a day. It was virtually indestructible, as far as cellphones go.

Among various Internet communities, its durability has become the stuff of legend – leading people to stick them in hydraulic presses, just to see how long they can last. And at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017), it’s coming back.

Nokia 3310 Possible Features

How do you make a phone originally released in 2000 fit for use in 2017? Well, the important thing is that Nokia keeps the features and characteristics that made the original so popular. The candybar design is a must; some people have always preferred one-handed texting on an alphanumeric keypad anyway, plus the tough casing is a signature.

How about the screen? That’s one part that could use an update. No, they don’t need to stick a large HD screen on there, but a small upgrade over the original 84×48 pixel screen, with perhaps color thrown in, would be welcome.

Aside from the usual call-and-text phone functions, it would also be nice to have a slew of simple programs on there. Music storage, and a planner function with alarms and reminders sound like reasonable requests for an update. The caveat potential users will look for, is that none of it sacrifices the phone’s well-known durability.

Nokia 3310 Release Date, Price

The concern, of course, is that people will treat the revival as a novelty, but not take it seriously as a phone worth owning. However, being priced at €59, the new Nokia 3310 is cheap enough to attract attention. For comparison, the iPhone 6 costs about €700; a Samsung Galaxy S7 costs €620.

At the very least, the Nokia 3310 will probably be picked up by those looking for a simple back-up phone. That is, the kind one keeps only for emergency call purposes, or to take on camping or hiking trips out of town.

Nokia may no longer be the mobile giant it used to be. But a classic design stays never goes out of style.

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