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Nokia 3310 Revival: Features May Not Appeal To Young People

The Nokia 3310 revival may not be the best thing ever for young people who are always expecting something new at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Moreover, the basic phone is probably not what kids these days want to receive as a birthday or Christmas gift from their parents.

Nokia relaunched the 3310 at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The phone, which was a huge hit 10 years ago, is making a comeback. Unfortunately, with its limited features, young people can’t seem to see this phone as part of their future.

Nokia 3310 Launched

CNET reported that the Nokia 3310 is reinvented, incorporating a few cool features: 2.5G, 2 MP camera, the ability to surf the internet and it comes with great colors too. More importantly, everyone’s well-loved Snake game is included in the phone. For $50, the phone is a catch!

However, a lot of the features a young millennial look for in a phone is NOT in the Nokia 3310. Forbes reports that the Nokia handset comes with a 2.4-inch display. This is too small compared to the smartphones in the market. The small screen may take a lot of getting used to especially when you want to browse the internet.

Teens and the younger working class wants a phone that will allow them to do a lot of things. Take selfies, groufies and more importantly, live updates from either Facebook or Instagram, are just some of the examples. Unfortunately, they might not get the chance to do that with the 3310.

The latter report notes that the phone only has a 2MP camera. This is a far cry from the usual 12MP cameras iPhones or Samsung Galaxy handsets boast of. The photo taken from this mobile device will probably won’t look good when it’s posted on Instagram or Facebook.

Will Snake Appeal To Teenagers?

In terms of games, the Nokia 3310 retained the retro game, Snake in their handsets. Though this will probably amuse youngsters for a while, but it will not be something they’d look forward to playing over and over. Moreover, Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play probably have a lot of entertaining games that will interest these teens, compared to playing Snake.

If you just want to stay connected without a fuss, the Nokia 3310 is the phone for you. For one, as the initial report notes, the phone has 22 hours of talk time.

This just means more time to chat with friends without worrying whether the battery will be dead in just a few hours. This phone can be a good start, more or less, for the younger generation who wants to stay in touch with friends through text messaging or calls.

What do you think of the Nokia 3310 revival? Will you buy yourself one and give up your smartphone?

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