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Nokia 3310 Returns: It Has Snake, But None Of The Feels People Missed

In a world filled with iPhone 7 and Sony Xperia’s- be a Nokia 3310. Yes, the most memorable phone of the 21st Century is back. Making a comeback with a revamped avatar, the phone has been released and available in the market.

Countless memes and trolls are prevalent about Nokia 3310. Talks about its durability, battery power and of course the snake game have been rampant.  The revised version has a fresh look and most of the features are retained.

Nokia 3310: What Are The Reviews Saying?

Nokia 3310 is back with a few changes like the absence of the ‘C’ button and addition of a camera. Users are talking about some things they do miss in the phone like the iconic Nokia Handshake greeting when switching the phone on. Few things people are loving with the new phone is the 22 hours of talk time and 1 month of standby time.

The phone’s battery power is the most talked about. On a single charge, the phone has the capacity to run for almost one full day. The new revamped version is priced at a cool US$ 50. HMD Global is the brain behind the revamp and the worldwide launch is in process.

Phone Features And Colors

For all those miffed with Candy Crush, Snake game is back. The game will make many users nostalgic. The colors are very refreshing this time in bright tones like Warm Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, and Grey. The phone boasts of a bigger screen as compared to its predecessor with dimensions 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm.

The phone has Bluetooth 3.0 and support for 2G, much radical changes as compared to the earlier version. The operating system is also updated and the old school beauty is back. With pressing of buttons instead of touching of screens, the user experience is going to change.


Nokia 3310 Initial Experiences

One of the users says, ‘nokia gonna fail again. Legendary 3310 is back with camera and colour display? kidding me?’ reports GSM Arena. Some are talking about the earlier Nokia 3310 as indestructible. The coming of the phone into the market will bring more reviews in and we will soon know if this is a fad or it is here to stay.

So far, it seems 80% of reactions are positive. However, a steady 20% do not like how Nokia 3310 now looks flimsy. It actually looks like other candy bar phones instead of the thick phone 90s kids have come to love well through their adulthood.

Still, slowly and steadily, the tech world is warming up to the idea of having Nokia 3310 back in the game. The initial hype is definitely in place, now one has to wait and see how long the hype lasts.

Many reviewers have been talking about the time it takes to adjust back to buttons instead of touchscreens. Many more can relate to running their finger through the screens instead of pushing buttons.

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