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Nokia 3310: Release Date Leaked, Can This Put Nokia Back In The Game

If you’re one of the many who used to have the Nokia 3310, then you might be excited to have this back. The old Nokia phone was so popular that when the mobile company announced its return, it made headlines.

There isn’t any confirmed release date yet. But talks have been going around that the date may have been leaked. Read on below to find out when it’ll be made available and if the phone stands a chance in this day and age.

Nokia 3310 Release Date And Specs

The rumored release date for the Nokia 3310 is said to be on May along with the Nokia 3 and 5. This report comes from GSM Arena who said this leak comes from an online retailer in the UK.

The phone isn’t as impressive as compared to the smart phones released these days. But isn’t that the point? It’s bringing back the old Nokia we love although the look and some of its features don’t come close to the original one. It only supports a 2G network, which is obviously a really far cry from what Android and Apple phones have today, and a 2 MP camera with LED flash.

What it has though is the Snake game we all love and a battery standby power that boasts of its lasting capabilities for up to a month. The phone also uses a micro-USB port for charging. These days, power banks have been an essential accessory. But with the 3310, you probably won’t even need to carry one around.

The new 3310 also comes in four different colors: warm yellow and red and dark grey and blue. The phone comes with a 16 MB storage but there’s a MicroSD slot which can support up to 32GB. It also serves as an MP3 player with an FM radio built in. Single and dual sim slots are also available.

We’ll be seeing the new 3310 on May (hopefully). But by now, these are all what to expect of the 3310.

Will This Help Bring Back Nokia?

It’s quite obvious that the two leading mobile brands these days are Samsung and Apple. Nokia isn’t even in the top 10 based on the list of top 10 smart phones this 2017, according to Tech Radar. But with the 3310 coming back, could this list change?

The new 3310 does not have any impressive features as compared to the new smart phones. What it has for now is a taste of nostalgia. However, if you’re the type of user who doesn’t need all those apps and would just like a simple call and text phone, then this could be for you.

What do you think of the new Nokia 3310? Share us your thoughts below.

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