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Nokia 3310: Lookout Vodafone and EE UK Customers, We’re Getting Nostalgia Soon

Carriers Vodafone and EE in the UK have already confirmed that the Nokia 3310 will be in stock. The other carriers in Britain still haven’t confirmed if they will be stocking the phone, but we never know, they could benefit from the nostalgic demand the phone provides.

According to GSMArena, both carriers still have not given word onto when they would be releasing the Nokia 3310.

What’s So Special About The Original Nokia 3310?

The original Nokia 3310 was truly a remarkable phone. Its iconic design has graced many pockets in the past and it can be considered one of Nokia’s most successful phones, selling more than 126 million units worldwide. This phone has gained a cult following, often being humorously referred to as one the strongest things in the universe.

It has been the object of memes, jokes and the annals of the funny on the Internet, but one thing is for sure, this phone is one that will go down in history as one of the best.

What Has Changed With The Nokia 3310 (2017)

The Nokia 3310 sports a 2-megapixel video recorder, a “whopping” 16 mb of RAM and 1200 mAH Li-Ion battery that is said to provide talk times of up to 22 hours or standby times of 744 hours. It sports a microSD slot that can handle up to 32 GB of memory (don’t ask why) and there is even a dual-sim model for those of you looking for a true utility backup phone.

However, not everyone is convinced that this phone can beat the demand its predecessor once had 17 years ago. It’s not feature-rich and it looks like it is just riding on the demand for nostalgia.

We’re just hopeful that it has the original Snake game or maybe even Space Impact.

The Nokia 3310 will probably be retailed at around GBP 45 in the UK and we are yet to receive word on pricing elsewhere.

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