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Is Motorola Razr Coming Back To Compete With Nokia 3310

In a trip down the nostalgia road, Nokia 3310 is gearing up for its second coming. Motorola Razr is set to spoil Nokia’s party.

Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona on Sunday saw the unveiling of Nokia 3310. Additionally, the updated version boasts of a bigger color display, weighs less and sports a rear camera. Not to mention, a new version of once popular snake game comes in-built too. Just as the announcement took the telecommunication world by storm, Motorola is planning a similar launch. Motorola Razr – a clam-shell beauty, sharp and elegant phone might see a re-launch soon – giving Nokia 3310 a run for its money.

Motorola Razr

Razr V3 is the most likely variant of the series to see a revival soon. Moreover, its sales were in the excess of 130 million units worldwide in 2004. The 13.9mm thickness and a sharp appearance with a cutting-edge technology did wonders for the phone, needless to say. Even a successful phone like Nokia 3310 was 4 million units shy of Razr’s sales. Considering Nokia’s broader appeal and stable market, Razr set some exceptional records.

In the wake of Nokia’s nostalgia marketing to re-launch its popular retro models, Motorola plunges into the race. Yuanqing Yang, CEO of Lenovo, spoke to CNBC earlier expressing his desire to bring back a retro device. Furthermore, he recognizes the Motorola fans’ penchant towards Motorola Razr and wants to leverage that. Also, they will bring back a “stronger product than the original,” Yang asserts.

Looks like Lenovo is planning to play the nostalgia card to redeem the company from its plummeting sales. After Lenovo took over Motorola, the management is doing everything in their power to keep the company afloat. Even though, Motorola sales are soaring since the release of ‘G-series’, Lenovo mobile sales dropped by 23 percent over the course of months.

Nostalgia Marketing

Saying that Nokia phones had a fall from grace is an understatement, of course. Once the Android-powered phones and Apple made an entry into the foray of mobile phones, it was a whole new ball-game. Nokia did not stand a chance and lost its way in the mobile phone realm. Lest you forget, the Finnish company’s reputation to provide robust phones was intact still. That should explain the driving-force behind the release of 3310 phones.

Nokia phones powered by Microsoft couldn’t quite compete with the android market, subsequently paving way for an Android deal. Case in point, Nokia is rolling out their Android-driven phones soon. Amidst the incoming state-of-the-art phones, there is a wide market for retro products too. Nokia did it, Motorola will do it and the rest will follow soon, of course. It’s indeed a funny circle – isn’t it – the circle of human interests?

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