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iPhone 8 Update: What We Anticipate, We Hope It Won’t Come In Late

The iPhone 8 is one of the most seriously anticipated phones in the world. And to this date, we do not even know if it will be called the iPhone 8. Rumors are suggesting that it might be called the iPhone Anniversary Edition, the iPhone X (X meaning 10 in Roman numerals, indicating the 10th year of the line) or maybe it could just simply be called the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Update

According to CNBC, there could be three iPhone releases this year (if they do decide to release in September.) Some reports indicate that apart from the regular sized 4.7-inch iPhone and the usual plus sized 5.5-inch model, we could be looking at an even bigger screen with a whopping 5.8-inches worth of iPhone. This tertiary iPhone might be the special edition iPhone that everyone is losing sleep over.

So what special features or innovations could the new phone have? Well they just secured a patent for some form of 3-D facial recognition, so we could be looking at a breakthrough in portable commercialised biometric solutions. This could mean that you could unlock your phone by just staring at it. Although, some have been wondering how this will perform under low-ambient light and if it really is secure.

In addition, there have also been reports that the iPhone could be using a new screen factor design due to them putting out an order for 70 million curved OLED panels from Samsung. We’re not talking about a full-form factor design upgrade – imagine a clamshell stylized iPhone *cringe* – but more of a curved screen feature just like its rivals at Samsung.

iPhone 8 Price

Some have been saying that the new iPhone could cost more than $1,000, others have been saying that it could be lower. This is due to a number of factors (like Samsung’s S8 which costs under $800.) Regardless, of how much the iPhone could potentially cost, we’re still sure that a lot of people will adopt it. There are a lot of people who love the iPhone and Apple seems to maintain a really strong fanbase.

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