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iPhone 8 Latest News and Update: What Are We Really Expecting

In the tech world, especially in the smartphone realm, there are a lot of rumors that are almost frequently circulating. One of the hottest topics to date is the release of the new iPhone, which is said to be a hallmark phone due to the upcoming tenth anniversary of the smartphone line. Here’s a small round-up of what we know (and what we think we know) about the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Latest Updates

Apple has secured some sort of 3-D facial recognition patent recently and people are hoping that it gets included in the new iPhone. However, we still have to find out how that’s going to pan out since facial recognition relies on light, and ambient light levels could be an issue for biometric systems such as this.

As per design, there are even more rumors, some have been saying that there will be increased screen-to-body ratio with some sources even saying that there could be a larger version of the phone… imagine a whopping 5.8-inch iPhone that does away with the physical home button by adding a virtual on-screen home button. Wow.

But that’s not all, some are even expecting that the phone releases a glass back that is capable of wireless charging. Inbuilt wireless charging would be bliss since this wireless age absolutely abhors annoying cables.

There have also been debates over the name of the new iPhone, some are saying the new phone could be called the iPhone X – since X means 10 in Roman numerals – as this phone will be marking the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. Some have called it something longer such as the iPhone Anniversary Edition and some argue that it could just be called the iPhone 8 – simple, but chic, just like the brand.

However, whatever rumours we hear, one thing is for sure, this new iPhone could potentially be a hit as with other Apple devices. They have already cemented themselves as one of the most popular brands on the market and it will be no surprise if they continue to be so.

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