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iPhone 8, Apple Touch Bar and… has Apple Stopped Innovating

The Apple iPhone 8, that is said to commemorate the iPhone’s tenth year, might be released this September – if we were to follow the usual Apple iPhone release date scheme – but there is still that lingering question lingering in everyone’s minds. Has Apple stopped innovating?

Apple Throughout The Years and the Death of Steve Jobs

Apple gained prominence in the “portables” market with the release of a genuine musical marvel, the iPod. It followed this up with several variations ranging from medium to small, screenless to a full screen and it even featured a little device that was perpetually on shuffle.

Its computing line wasn’t too shabby either with the iMac, MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. Admittedly, they weren’t the most cost-effective products, but boy did they do their jobs really well and they were as aesthetically pleasing as a computer could ever be.

Their prior innovations with the iPod and the first line of iPhones, coupled with their sophisticated design motifs pretty reinvented how we interacted with our portables. Needless to say, there were a lot of hits.

Apple Today

However, after the death of Apple’s figurehead Steve Jobs, in seemed like there was nothing new coming from the brand in Cupertino. There were new renditions of familiar products with slight variations in shape, size and weight, the hardware has been improved significantly – which is the case for everyone and there were a couple of small additions like Apple Pay, the Apple Watch and of course the new Touch Bar.

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It somehow seems like Apple hasn’t been releasing anything groundbreaking, and we’re forced to succumb to staggered updates of our well-loved devices. Regardless if some people think its bad marketing, it seems to be working. Apple is now regarded as an almost luxury brand in many markets, and owning a couple of devices is symbolistic of accumulated wealth.

But the people seem to want more.

According to the NPR, “But, for now, the iPhone is still a product that a lot of people love. Enough for Apple to still be the most valuable company in the world.”

We still have yet to see if Apple releases something revolutionary sometime soon… but let’s give the iPhone 8 a try.

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