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iPad Pro 2: Don’t Tell Me They’re Making It Bigger

The iPad Pro 2 has been rumored to be in the works. It is, reportedly, set to be under the hybrid category and will replace the regular laptop. In addition, other reports reveal that the Surface Book, Lenovo Yoga, and XPS 13 will be its competition.

Word has it that the Cupertino-based tech giant is adding its finishing touches to the iPad Pro 2. Moreover, rumors with regard to the tablet consisting of the same technology as the NVIDIA Volta have also been making its round on the internet. However, all these speculations must be taken with a grain of salt as Apple Inc. has not confirmed anything as of this writing.

iPad Pro 2 specs and features

Given that the iPad Pro 2 is constantly being rumored to be a replacement for laptops, the possible specs, per a report by University Herald, include “a new file system that’s going to significantly enhance the work productivity levels of the iPad Pro 2.”

In relation, News 4C reports that: “The new file system will feature a more organized filing algorithm similar to the way MacOS works.”

Furthermore, an excerpt from the second-mentioned article reads: “The iPad Pro lineup is famous for being so powerful when it comes to hardware that it’s able to replace a laptop with the help of a Smart Keyboard. We can be sure that iPad Pro 2 will follow in the same path. Therefore, iPad Pro 2 will feature the best hardware parts that Apple has to offer.”

Interestingly, the addition of Apple’s Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad is a feature that may help the much awaited tablet replace laptops. Also, other sources report that the iPad Pro 2 may sport the Touch Bar, a new Apple Pencil, reduced bezels, and will be water resistant.

In addition, speculations with regard to the iPad Pro 2 no longer consisting of a headphone port and a physical home button have also surfaced. On a tangent, the iPad Pro 2 size has been reported to be available in 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch variants. According to sources, customers will more likely purchase the former since “it’s just the right size.”

iPad Pro 2 release date

Although the American multinational tech company is yet to confirm the iPad Pro 2 release date, word has it that it is set for either some time in May or June 2017.

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