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HTC One X10: There’s Something Bigger Brewing Soon

HTC was one of the big players going into the smartphone race in the past, but nowadays a lot of people think that they might be getting in wrong. However, a recent leak suggests that they might be upping their game with the HTC One X10.

The HTC One X10 smartphone details were leaked earlier this year and almost everyone following the brand thought it would be launched at their major event back in January. However, January 12 came, but we still saw no traces of the phone.

Recently, a renowned tipster has leaked a poster showing the HTC One X10 with the slogan “big style meets bigger battery.” And, now a lot of HTC fans are wondering how much power can the battery possibly hold. Does this mean that HTC will now be focusing on the design quality and the battery life of the phone?

It seems equally annoying that we still do not have any concrete details with regard to this particular phone and all we have to live by is supposed leak.

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HTC One X10 Rumoured Specifications

The One X10 is rumored to have 3GB of RAM, which also comes as a surprise to many expecting this to be a powerful phone. It is also said to have a 5.5″ screen that brings you your media in 1080p. According to GSMarena the fingerprint sensor will be located behind the phone – just below the camera which is said to be a 16.3-megapixel snapper, an up from it’s 13-megapixel predecessor – and of course, it will have a bigger battery, as per the leaked poster.

As per the power underneath the hood, it is said to be supported by the Helio P10 by MediaTek.

We still don’t know when the Taiwanese firm will finally release the actual smartphone to the public and till that day comes – some of us are getting very impatient – we just have our “trusted” leakers to stand by. Many are still hoping that HTC comes up with something completely groundbreaking in order to get some leadership in the smartphone market.

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