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Best Mobile Apps To Help You Organize Your Life

With a new year upon everyone, annual resolution-makers’ drive to be a better version of themselves have gone into overdrive. Consequently, novel ideas about how to save money, be more organized, and the like, has taken a digital turn. Luckily, our mobile phones can serve as our very own personal assistant to help handle our lives’ nuances.

Need to pick up the laundry despite your busy schedule? Did your boss ask you to finish another task while you were working on something else? Now, there’s no need to worry because mobile apps can help you with the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Check out the list below of the best mobile apps to help you organize your life.

Best mobile apps to help you organize your life

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Each smartphone comes with a default calendar app. However, there are “smarter” apps these days that makes sure your day is planned ahead and properly. Usually, the pre-installed calendar app isn’t the best choice for managing your schedule, so check out some of these apps:

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Best Mobile Apps

Sunrise is free on iOS and Android and provides a very streamlined view of how your day, week, or your month. What’s great about this app is that it allows you to categorize your activities. For instance, if you type in an entry with the word “study,” your entry gets an academic cap icon. Meanwhile, keywords like “workout” or “gym” gives you a dumbbell icon.

Best mobile apps

Cal is also free from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. This organizing app is perfect for those who have an innate love for clean and minimalist designs. Plus points if you adore Helvetica. The best part about this app is that it shows all your meetings and to-dos as soon as you launch the app. Cal is perfect for those who want a no-frill organizing app to get things done quickly.

Best mobile apps

Everyone finds the need to make lists, unless you have Suits‘ Michael Ross’ memory. Wunderlist is a brilliant note-taking app that lets you organize your thoughts whatever they may be about. It combines productivity and organization in a sleek fashion. More interestingly, you can share your lists with other Wunderlist users and even have conversations about them. This is a great tool for a supremely neat grocery list, or planning out an event with tiny details you do not want to miss out on.

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