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Apple Watch 3: The Smartest Among All Smartwatches

If  you thought the Apple Watch 2 make a few innovations, hold on to your hats. The Apple Watch 3 is looking to follow the tradition of breaking tradition, reimagining features and pushing boundaries. By all means, the Apple Watch 3 is looking to be the smartest smartwatch yet.

But perhaps that’s jumping ahead – an Apple Watch 3 series is yet to get an official release date. However, we can certainly take clues from recent patents filed as to what kind of features we can expect. Among the most exciting of these include mechanisms to allow “charging” the smartwatch on the go. That basically assures that you’ll never run out of battery at the most crucial times.

The Patent

Tech Radar describes the patent in question as “a system that takes its cues from the world of mechanical watches, with a rotational magnetic field either moving an electric generator producing power for an internal battery, or winding a spring or coil to exert force on gears that produce energy in a system similar to traditional watches.”

Currently the available Apple Watch series make use of light signals, rather than gears. Digital is the name of the game. But the patent in question seems to be hinting at an analog innovation – specifically, a special coil component that would drive the generator.

Another patent worthy of attention is a Jauary 2017 filing, which indicates innovations for watch straps. The patent hints at future watch straps being “modular” – in other words, composed of pieces that can be connected and detached, like pieces of a puzzle. In this case, each link would perform a separate function, with users being able to swatch in the various links as needed.

It’s a little vague at the moment, but this hints that the Apple Watch 3’s bands could be composed of anything from extra battery, to a camera. Magnets are still likely to be included in play here; users would make use of magnets to snap the pieces together, and onto their wrists.

Release Date?

As of this time, the (unconfirmed) Apple Watch 3’s release date is projected to be in the 3rd quarter of 2017. This is based on the release of the Apple Watch 2 series, which saw its launch in September 2016.

MacWorld UK suggests that the straps alone may already be available by March 2017. However, some rumors point at the actual smart watch release to be as far away as 2018.

Any guesses for how the Apple Watch 3 might turn out? Hit us with your thoughts below!

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