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Apple Touch Bar On Every Device

You know that super cool feature we saw in the last release of MacBook Pro devices? That little touch screen bar that replaced all those pesky plastic buttons and made your workstation even more expensive?

Yes, we are talking about the Apple Touch Bar. It is little aesthetic innovation that actually proved to be more useful than we thought. It is now being reported that Apple might be featuring the Apple Touch Bar on more devices.

The responsive OLED touch bar has been very functional to those who were able to avail of the new MacBook Pro last November. Now, according to an article by Mashable Asia, we could be seeing the touch bar in other applications due to a couple of patents that suggest its use in other places other than the MacBook Pro.

Apple Insider says that, “While the patent application largely covers how the Touch Bar works, the drawings accompanying the description illustrate how it can be used alongside a standard keyboard, including the MacBook Pro and another separate keyboard accessory. ”

The three patient applications, identified as 2017009059620170090597, and 20170090654, are labeled as “Keyboard with Adaptive Input Row.” This could only suggest that our iMac keyboard could one day include the Apple Touch Bar as a feature.

When this will be implemented – if it will be implemented to begin with – and the new prices for the devices that will include the touch bar are still farfetched questions at this point in time.

Although we have been anticipating more powerful upgrades to the current line of Apple devices, it seems as if we’re still going to be looking at touch responsive surfaces only from your keyboard and a completely touchscreen iMac or MacBook is still far from the works.

So Apple Touch Bar or No Apple Touch Bar?

Given that the only thing that these sources uncovered were patents for Apple, it could mean a couple of things, Apple is definitely protecting its intellectual copyrights, but a patent is still merely a patent, and not a sign of a new device… or so it seems.

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Typed on an Apple keyboard which doesn’t have an Apple Touch Bar… bummer!

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