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Android 8.0: Name, Features, Release Date; Everything We Know So Far!

The arrival of Android 8.0 is anticipated by many! While Google’s Android operating system received huge updates since its last release in 2012, the version 8.0 is said to be available sometime this year. Read on to find out more about Google’s latest OS.

Google Android 8 Name: Google SVP Drops Hints

PC Advisor reports that Google has always named its Android OS updates after sweet treats, in alphabetical order. Following the recent OS names like Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat, tech fans speculate that the next one couldn’t be any different. There are only limited sweets that start with O, so the outlet even reports some funny suggestions that could take the cake.

Names like Oreo, Oatcake, Orange, or even Oh! Henry could become clear runner ups. Because of the limited choices for O-beginning treats, the outlet even goes on to playfully suggest that 8.0 could be dubbed as Android OMG.

However, Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer has been dropping hints on Twitter, suggesting that Android Oreo is the most likely winner. He event went to tease an image of Pocky (the famous cream covered biscuit sticks) with the caption #2018.

Google Android 8.0 Features: It’s All About Efficiency

Meanwhile, Yahoo! Tech reports that this year’s update will add more features that make the OS more efficient to use. Google is working on a feature called Copy Less that would let the OS copy data to your clipboard. This way, you can save time from selecting the text and hitting copy.

Android 8.0 could also feature smarter messaging apps. For instance, addresses contained in text messages will now have a link that will let you open them in the maps app. Right now, it’s unclear though as to whether this would be restricted to the stock Android Messages app, or if it will also be available to all of the OS’ messaging apps as well. Apple users, on the other hand, have been enjoying this feature already.

Interestingly, finger gestures could also be integrated into the new Android 8.0. Manufacturers like LG and Huawei have already added gesture features. When enabled, drawing an ‘M’ opens the music app for instance, or ‘C’ to start your camera app. This new update will also be available for custom ROMs such as Cyanogen OS, Lineage OS and more.

As for the release date, fans can expect Google’s Pixel and Nexus handsets to be the first smartphones to get the Android 8.0 update.

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