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Vince McMahon Doing Best in Business, Moving Forward Despite Post-Election Change

Vince McMahon, proprietor and staple fixture of World Wrestling Entertainment has always had an ace up his sleeve when it comes to business. With his friend Donald Trump now president-elect, can we expect resurgence in the wrestling industry?

The degree of relationship between McMahon and Trump is not really a secret. These two are awfully close. Who would have known that a 1988 WWE event named Wrestlemania would carve their friendship in stone.

A little too close for comfort for some, that there were even talks about McMahon being Donald Trump’s running mate in the previous election. Unfortunately, it did not exactly materialize, but would not even surprise if it really pushed through.

Vince McMahon, Donald Trump’s friend might not say anything much about it. But McMahon, the businessman knows the change that is about to come.  And if history predetermines the future, then fans will see what he has always been  doing; do what is best for the business.

McMahon has strategically maneuvered the WWE to the success that it is right now. It has withstood adversity from the likes of rival networks, bad promotions, and talent attrition.

The transition from the highly entertaining Attitude to a more lucrative PG Era was a hallmark of an excellent business move.  According to Wrestle Zone, despite the past, the McMahons have always moved forward and did the best for their company.

From rivals WCW and TNA, Vince’s perseverance and never give up attitude has always put them on top according to Muscle and Fitness. The WWE sitting on top of the hierarchy is a testament to that.

McMahon is going to keep doing what he does best: decisions that make more money. All the change that is going to happen with the election done is just another day in the office for Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

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