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Super Bowl LI Prediction: Tom Brady To Get Fifth Ring And Beat NFL MVP Matt Ryan

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! In a short while New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will be having it out against each other. Will Tom Brady get his fifth Super Bowl ring? Can he beat Matt Ryan, who was recently given the title of NFL’s Most Valuable Player? Why Not?

Tom Brady vs Matt Ryan 2016 Stats

Their 2016 will show the two players are beasts. As they fight each there for the Lombardi Trophy, it’s worth looking at what both accomplished during the season and see if Tom Brady has the advantage. He doesn’t but Matt Ryan’s edge is not that huge either.

According to NFL, here is what Matt Ryan achieved during the season: 373-of-534, 4,944 yards, 38 touchdowns, 7 interceptions, 117.1 QB rating, 83.3 QBR

Here’s what Tom Brady achieve on the same season: 291-of-432, 3,554 yards,, 28 touchdowns, 2 interceptions (0.5%), 112.2 QB rating, 83.1 QBR

Matt Ryan at the Playoffs also did a little better. He achieved 53-of-75, 730 yards, 7 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, 132.6 QB rating

Tom Brady on the other hand achieved this at the Playoffs: 50-of-80, 671 yards, 5 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 99.5 QB rating

Tom Brady’s Chances

Ryan’s yards-per-attempt mark surpasses all 305 quarterbacks’ yards-per-attempt in NFL history. Brady loses out a bit to Ryan, since he missed the first four games of the season. However, his achievements are equally remarkable His 8.2 years per attempt is the third highest mark of his career.

It must be noted that he now has four Super Bowl rings plus three Super Bowl MVP trophies. Ryan’s records are impressive but Brady’s hardly the underdog.

Back when Patriots played against Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game, Brady was very precise. The quarterback did not throw any interceptions, and made three touchdowns., going 32-42, with 384 passing yards. He now heads into Super Bowl LI seeking to win his fifth, which would be the most all-time for a quarterback. With this kind of drive, Brady can do it all, even beat the odds. 

His chances of beating Ryan looks good. Matt Ryan’s edge cannot be overlooked though. I guess we’ll just wait and see.


Atlanta Falcon’s Chances of Winning Super Bowl LI

Meanwhile, there are new reports claiming that Ravens nearly traded 2008 NFL Draft class to choose Matt Ryan. According to NFL (via Fox news), the Rams asked the Raven’s 2009 second-round to finalize the trade, which discouraged Baltimore. In the end, Rams picked Chris Long, Falcons took Ryan.

Now that Super Bowl LI is here, fans are wondering if Falcons would be in this position, facing off the Patriots if they did not get Ryan. Could it have been the Ravens?

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