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Stephen Curry Not Participating In 3-Point Shootout, Here’s Why

Defending the title for Klay Thompson just got a bit easier. Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry will not participate in the upcoming 3-point shootout in New Orleans. The eight-man field announced Thursday night, and Steph Curry is not on the list.

Stephen Curry Always Participated Since 2012

The two-time MVP Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry always participated in the NBA Three-Point Contest since 2015. Curry even won the 2015 NBA Three-Point Contest and finished as a runner-up last year. Curry placed second last year behind Thompson while vice versa happened in 2015.

Curry received an invitation to participate in the upcoming contest but has decided not to. His reasons remain unclear as of this moment and he hasn’t sent a word about his decision. Fans flock his social media accounts asking why he sits out this year’s three-point shootout.

In the last season of NBA, the Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the championship against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The championship earned Lebron James his third MVP award and first in his home team, the Cavaliers.

Klay Thompson Versus Seven Contenders

Klay Thompson will participate in the three-point shoot out this year together with seven other players from different teams. It is expected that 2013 three-point shoot out champion Kyrie Irving will be the toughest to beat. Irving has an average career highs of 2.4 three pointers and 24.2 points per game this season.

The eight-player field will consist of All Stars Kemba Walker of Charlotte Hornets and Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors. Wesley Matthews of the Dallas Mavericks, Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as Eric Gordon of the Houston Rockets and CJ McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers will all participate.

Gordon, Walker and Young will play in the contest for the first time this season. All participants belong to the top 20 players who scored most this season. Last season’s champion Klay Thompson ranked 5th this year with the most points per game.

Stephen Curry Fight Online Hate With New Campaign

Meanwhile, Curry participates in a movement that fights online hate and cyberbullying. The two-time MVP just posted on his twitter account a video with a hashtag FilteredLife and BritaUSA. In the video with several other persons, Steph talks about how filtering what we say on the internet makes a huge difference.

It can be remembered that the Golden State Warriors lost to Cleveland Cavaliers this season despite the 3-1 lead. Fans started criticizing from their disappointment after their shocking defeat.

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