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Roger Federer Retirement: Australian Open Win – A Straw In The Wind

Breaking a four-and-a-half year deadlock to end a grand slam drought, Roger Federer throws a subtle hint at retirement. 2017’s Australian Open tournament was reminiscent of the early days. Old time rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal set the stage for the finals in men’s category. On the other hand, Williams sisters fought it out for the women’s title. Roger, for his part, produced some impeccable shots to clinch the fifth title. Further taking his grand slam tally to a whopping 18. The catch here, however, is his acceptance speech.

Roger Federer: Australian Open

This year’s Australian Open started out as a routine affair with some big names in the fixtures. Much to everyone’s anticipation, the early rounds didn’t cease to amuse. Some upsets, thrilling five-setters, disappointments and overall a good tennis. As the event unfolded, it was indeed the veteran players who stood the test of time.

The Williams sisters had an eventful tournament culminating in a joint showdown. Furthermore, Serena beat Venus in straight sets to win the title. Roger faced stern resistance from fellow Swiss Wawrinka to book his place in the finals. Nadal didn’t have an easy go at the finals too. He had to fight off a resilient Dimitrov to set up a Roger Federer final.

Perhaps, this was as good as it ever got. After dominating the sport for decades, Roger lost his Midas touch past 2010, one could argue. Nadal’s career too had its fair share of ups and downs, thanks to his injuries. The deadly duo didn’t disappoint the eager fans with their effortless tennis, mutual respect and admiration.

Federer Retirement Hint

Roger won the game after a last-gasp magnificent display on the Rod Laver Arena. Besides, both the players looked equally tenacious in the pursuit of the title. During the award acceptance speech, Roger stated that he would have been ‘happy’ to lose, as the comeback was great in itself. “I hope to see you next year, if not, it was a wonderful year”, he said, “I couldn’t be happier”.

The 35-year-old tennis ace definitely has a lot of game left in him, of course. In the light of his latest win, it’s safe to hope that he is a strong contender for future titles. His stats might show downhill, but those flawless backhands don’t lie!

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