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Rafael Nadal News: Heaps Praise on Nick Kyrgios; The Latter Responds Cheekily!

Tennis’ bad boy Nick Kyrgios gets a nod from Rafael Nadal himself. Nick, however, responds in a way only he can!

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios is a one of the best talents in the game today, no doubt. As much as he’s famous for his game, he’s equally known for his misdemeanors. In addition to that, many greats of the game have voiced their displeasure over his behavior too. Rafael Nadal, on the other hand, does the opposite!

Rafael Nadal Comment

The 14-times Grand Slam winner has some upbeat take on the 21-year-old Australian player. Not only does he see great talent in Nick, but also tips him as a world-number-one some day. The legendary Spaniard’s comment is likely to boost the confidence of Nick, of course. Not to mention, it comes in the times when Nick could use some support.

Rafa is seemingly at the twilight of his career and his best is almost certainly in the past. The ‘King of Clay’ is in no hurry to rest his racket anytime soon, but he’s struggling to find a break. Nick, however, is doing what he does best – get into controversies. His brash, cocky and arrogant behavior on and off the court did more bad than good.

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Nadal was at a promotional event in Spain recently, when he spoke in favor of the controversial Australian. Furthermore, he thinks that Nick’s “unbelievable potential” will take him to great heights soon. In addition to that, Rafa contemplates a future number-one and a Grand Slam winner in Nick.

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Nick Kyrgios’ Response

Upon hearing the praise from Rafa, Nick gave a response which is typical of him. He took to his Twitter account and said that Nadal doesn’t think he’s a waste of talent. Nick’s comment is in the light of several criticism from senior players that he’s a waste of talent. See what he did there! He gets support from a legend, uses it against the people lambasting him. Win-win situation, indeed.

On a serious note, Nick is turning over a new leaf. He came out of suspension, won a couple of titles and he’s number 13 in the 2016 ATP rankings. Not bad at all. When Rafael Nadal approves, that’s an achievement in itself.

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