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Mike Vick NFL Return: See Which Team Would Take Him

Mike Vick NFL Return – Tom Brady just proved to us that anything is possible in NFL. Not only did his performance last Sunday earned him respect across the country, it also moved Mike Vick. The former NFL superstar plans to make a comeback after Brady inspired him from his win for the Patriots.

Mike Vick NFL Return; Will Falcons Still Take Him?

Mike Vick officially announced his retirement earlier this year but now he says he’s getting cold feet about retirement. Mike’s quarterback career went to a halt when convicted of running a dog-fighting ring inside his home. Aside from that, Mike was guilty of Marijuana use during random drug test.

After the Falcons dropped Mike Vick, he was sent to jail for two years. Falcons picked Vick as their number 1 player in the NFL Draft although he played for other teams as well throughout his career. He led the Falcons twice in the playoffs; however, he never won the SuperBowl.

Michael Vick also played with the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers in his career. In 2010, NFL named him as the Comeback Player of the Year. After his 13 seasons from NFL, Vick decided to retire 2 days before the Atlanta Falcons played in the SuperBowl 51.

Perhaps, Nobody Just Wants Him Because Of The Scandal?

Although he officially announced his retirement, Vick says that he will stay in shape despite retirement. This could mean that he never really wanted to retire in the first place, just that he got fed up from having another year without a job. Vick’s last play was back in 2015 with the Steelers and he didn’t play in 2016 at all.

In an emotional essay Vick wrote for the Player Tribune, the former quarterback opened up about the day he hit rock bottom. On April 26, 2008, just 5 months in prison, Vick got a news from his mother that his grandmother passed away and that Falcons picked Matt Ryan as their quarterback. In 2009 after his release from prison, the Falcons cut him off from their team for good.

In January, however, Falcons invited Vick to the farewell game for the Georgia Dome. Vick expressed his happiness from coming back to his home team. Unfortunately, the invitation ended there as the Atlanta Falcons didn’t offer a new contract to Vick. The lack of offers made Vick decide to put down his sporting equipment and call for a retirement.

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