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Michael Schumacher News: His Latest 2017 Health Update

It’s hard to come by Michael Schumacher news these days. The 48-year-old F1 Champion was injured in a skiing accident a few years ago. Since then, his family has been very protective of his privacy. Surely, the severity of the injury makes it more of a family matter than anything else. But fans have been left grasping for straws.

Back in December 2013, Michael had been skiing with his son Mick. They were below Dent de Burgin mountain, up in the French Alps. While crossing an off-piste area, Schumacher fell and hit his head against a rock. Despite wearing a skiing helmet, he sustained severe brain trauma. Doctors say that had he not been wearing the helmet, the fall would have killed him.

Michael Schumacher News: Real or Rumors?

Here’s what we do know: After some necessary surgery and a period of hospitalization at Grenoble Hospital, Schumacher was transferred to University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland. In September of 2014, he was shifted to his Geneva home.

In an ESPN story in June 2016, F1 President Jean Todt said that while Schumacher was recovering, the situation was “painful”. Other than that, updates coming from either family or official spokespersons have been extremely sparse.

Some German tabloids began reporting false Michael Schumacher news last year, indicating that the driver could finally walk. His longtime manager, Sabine Kehm, blasted these rumors right away.

“Unfortunately,” she said in a statement, “we are forced by a recent press report to clarify the assertion that Micahel could move again is not true.” She went on to call the speculation as irresponsible.

Keep Fighting

Last month, Michael Schumacher’s family launched the Keep Fighting initiative. This is a nonprofit movement aiming to channel the positivity of perseverance. The website and Facebook pages were launched in dedication to the 7-time World Champion. According to its statement, the movement hopes to “unite that positive energy as a global movement and prove that giving up is not an option”.

Yes, Michael Schumacher news related to his health this year have not been shared by the family yet. But the movement is a strong indicator that he is still battling. It seems to be the Schumacher family’s way of assuring the fans that Michael hasn’t given up. And so, neither should they.

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