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Michael Schumacher Health Update: Is He Showing Small Signs of Recovery?

There has been minimal news about Michael Schumacher health update since he suffered from severe head injuries in a skiing incident in December 2013. But former Mercedes boss Ross Brawn recently revealed that the seven-time F1 champion is showing “encouraging” signs of recovery.

This was one of the first confirmed updates we had about the racing champion since his tragic accident that put him in a medically-induced coma. In March 2014, doctors reported that his condition was stable. Since then, he returned to his palatial home on the shores of Lake Geneva by a full-time staff.

Michael Schumacher health update is “encouraging”

In an interview with BBC, as quoted by Mirror, Brawn said that there are encouraging signs about Michael Schumacher health update. The family chose to discuss the racer’s health in private but Brawn was a special friend, having been with Schumacher on each of his seven world title wins.

He said he wants to respect the family, but hinted that they have already seen positive signs of the racer’s recovery. “We are all praying every day that we see more of them. So it is difficult for me to say very much and respect the family’s privacy.”

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Michael Schumacher Health Update

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Planet Schumi

Brawn admitted that there were a lot of rumors and speculations about Michael Schumacher health update, but most of them are wrong. He and the family continue to hope and pray that they will continue to see progress and will one day see the seven-time champion “out and about and recovered [from] his terrible injuries.”

Michael Schumacher health update: he still can’t walk

In September this year, Schumacher’s lawyer Felix Damm explained in a German court the full extent of his client’s condition after German magazine Bunte run a cover story claiming that the 47-year-old could walk again.

Although the family hopes to see such a miracle after the devastating injuries that put the racer in a coma, this was not the sort of rumor that can help his condition right now. Schumacher’s family took the magazine to court after denying the claims, and argued the right to the sporting legend’s privacy.

Damm said about Michael Schumacher health update that he cannot walk nor could he stand even with the help of his therapists.

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