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Michael Schumacher Health Update: The Latest About The F1 Star

Michael Schumacher, F1 champion and world-class athlete, turns 48 today. His accident three years ago that eventually put him in a medically-induced coma shocked fans and sporting legends around the world. Since then, we scarcely heard anything about Michael Schumacher health update.

His family has mostly been speaking through a thick veil of filters—from lawyers to former press aides. Schumacher is believed to be sheltered in a private villa somewhere in the middle of a Swiss island. Still, this never stopped his adoring fans to learn as much as they can about their idol’s health.

Michael Schumacher health update: Champions never give up

His horrific crash in the French Alps shook the sporting world, and the seven-time F1 champion (and clearly the most decorated out of racing car athletes) has not been seen in public since then. There are numerous rumors over the past three years about Michael Schumacher health update—from the champion opening his eyes to him actually being able to take a few steps.

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Michael Schumacher Health Update

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None of these matter, however. His lawyer, who sued a German magazine on behalf of the Schumacher family, revealed in court that the F1 champion “cannot walk.” What we do know is that he was not in a coma anymore, but there was no mention of any progress after that.

Schumacher’s inner circle has been largely protected by their refusal to talk about anything related to the athlete. Even his son, Mick, who’s making a name for himself in Formula 4, was saved from having to answer the press people about his father. But does this wall of silence help Schumacher?

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Schumacher’s health is not a public issue

There are two sides to every story, yes. Schumacher’s family said that the athlete’s health condition is not for public consumption. But, seeing as the athlete lived the best of his life in front of the adoring public, it cannot be helped that his fans somehow feel slighted and robbed off the chance to hope for their champion.

Of course, there is complete understanding for the family’s need for privacy. This is tougher on them more than on anyone else who claims to “love” Schumacher. But maybe, a tiny bit of Michael Schumacher health update occasionally would help alleviate his worrying fans’ fears.

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