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Michael Schumacher Health Update 2017: Ex-Teammate Reveals All!

It has been three years since Ferrari Champion Michael Schumacher suffered from head injuries during a skiing accident. The racer’s family kept their silence all throughout his recovery. However, a former team mate finally revealed a Michael Schumacher health update 2017.

A peaceful skiing vacation in the French Alps turned into a disaster when Schumacher was reported to have suffered from a “severe head injury”. The racer was then airlifted to Grenoble Hospital. There he went through two life-saving operations. Despite the procedures, Schumacher was still in coma. After the operation, news about the F1 champion became rare. A statement from the family came in April 2014, saying that the racer had bouts of consciousness.

Michael Schumacher Health Update 2017: What His Team Mate Has to Say

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People remember Johnny Herbert as Schumacher’s team mate during the 1994-1995 Benetton. In an interview, the F1 star gave a hint on Michael Schumacher health update 2017.

According to Herbert, Schumacher had “good days and bad days”. The racer claimed that he knows nothing else but what he said indicated that Schumacher may be on the way to recovery. Based on Schumacher’s competitiveness as a driver, it could be possible that the racer is fighting his way to become well again.

Herbert also reminisced about the times when he was working with Schumacher. He admitted that working with Schumacher was “difficult”. However, Herbert revealed that there is no tension between him and his fellow racer. Because despite his competitive side, Schumacher had a “very good British sense of humor”.

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Why The Family Is Not Saying Anything

It was previously reported that Ross Brawn, Schumacher’s good friend, has given a Michael Schumacher health update 2017. However, Brawn said he took back what he said because the family requested that Schumacher’s recovery be kept private.

“I was quoted saying Schumacher has improved. But that is not what I really meant,” Brawn said, “But the family wants to keep things private so all I can say is we are hoping for Schumacher’s recovery.”

Fans of the racing legend are getting worried. With the family mum about Schumacher’s condition, many are starting to think that his recovery is not possible anymore. Meanwhile, the family and close friends are yet to comment on Michael Schumacher’s health condition.

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