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Male Contraceptive Gel: Monkey Trials Shows Glimpse of Promise

An alternative to vasectomy with better reversible properties and success rate is close to reality. Vasalgel – A promising male contraceptive gel.

Contraception are the part and parcel of the daily life, of course. One can leave anything to chance, but not contraception. Not only will the outcome be lousy, but also unsavory. The latest developments in a particular research involving a male contraceptive gel have some good news for the ‘man-kind’! Monkey trials have shown a glimpse of promise paving way for a groundbreaking innovation. If the human trials return similar results, Vasalgel will put vasectomy out of business!

Male Contraceptive Gel: Vasalgel

Vasalgel works in a relatively simpler way in comparison to vasectomy. Parsemus Foundation, a non-profit organization, who funded the research describes the working of Vasalgel through an infographic given below. Case in point, they term the gel as a long-term, non-hormonal and highly reversible procedure. Also, it deals with vas deferens(tube that carries sperm from testicle to urethra) alone. Instead of cutting the vas deferens likened to conventional vasectomy process, Vasalgel is injected into the interior of vas deferens.

Subsequently, the so injected Vasalgel will form a semi-permeable layer within the vas deferens. This, in turn, restricts the flow of sperms from testicles to urethra to achieve contraception. The crux here is that sperms are too big to make their way through the gel barrier. Furthermore, to reverse the process, the gel is flushed out of the vas deferens with another injection.

The masterminds behind Vasalgel is a team working with Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance (RISUG). RISUG® is in advanced testing stage of Vasalgel, thanks to the monkey trials. 16 male rhesus monkeys were subjected to the procedure before placing them back at their habitat. Despite the presence of fertile females in their habitat, the subjects didn’t succeed to impregnate any over the course of 6 months. A relatively long term, considering that the test was during the mating season.

Screen cap from Parsemus Foundations’ website.

Development And Marketing

Parsemus Foundation is contemplating human trials in the wake of success with the monkeys. However, they are getting cold-feet due to their financial limitations. In that vein, the non-profit foundation is welcoming donations to carry their work forward. The foundation boasts of a 20,000 men population keen about the development of the product.

The company took the male contraceptive gel project overseas back in 2010 as Vasalgel™. In another parallel research with rabbits, the semen sample was devoid of sperms. However, upon reversal procedure, sperm flow was back to its old ways. The development so far is well beyond exemplary, but it’s a long road before the marketing aspects come in. One thing for certain, its effectiveness is foolproof.

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