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Alien Invasion Highly Possible; Humans No Match For Aliens, Experts Say

The idea of an alien invasion is not just limited to movies. There have been several evidences on Earth that points to the possibility of an invasion by these creatures from space. But what would really happen if these Green Little Men actually arrive on our planet?

A founder member of SPI (Strange Phenomena Investigations), Malcolm Robinson has carried out UFO and paranormal research for 35 years. He now believes that mankind can never rule out the possibility of an alien invasion in the future.

Attempts to contact aliens can be reason for them to invade Earth

According to the Telegraph, Robinson said, “These small grey creatures, that are roughly three-and-a-half to four foot tall, have a pear-shaped head and black eyes. These have been seen across the planet…”

He believes that almost all UFO sightings can be explained in a rational way. He also believes that extraterrestrial movies like “Independence Day” have strengthened the idea that aliens can destroy our planet. And that our attempts to contact them in space can pull them more towards Earth.

Aliens who can reach our planet will be more technologically advanced

Seth Shostak, who is a senior astronomer at the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute) in Mountain View, California, told, “I don’t know of any protocol if they land.”

“I’ve never heard of any such thing, and I’d be surprised if there was one… But who knows what’s in the bowels of the Pentagon?”

Shostak believes that any civilization in space capable of travelling from its planet to Earth probably would be far more technologically advanced than humans. So, the attacks should make everyone panic.

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