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Zodiac Killer And Ted Cruz: The Chalk And Cheese Story!

Republican candidate Ted Cruz’s campaign for party nomination was short-lived. The same cannot be said about his Zodiac Killer connection, however.

Ted Cruz took the office of Senator of Texas back in 2012. Over the course of his tenure, he enforced stern laws against abortions based on the sanctity of life paradox. However, in 2013, he took a far mellow stance. He gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in March, 2013. It was during this event that someone threw a hypothesis that Ted might indeed be the Zodiac Killer. Needless to say, the hypothesis blew out of proportions. Thank you internet!

Zodiac Killer: Background

The killer in question became a sensation in the late 60s and the early 70s due to his modus operandi. We are talking about a guy who took lives for pleasure. Not to mention, his cryptic letters to the press in the aftermath of the murders. Peculiar as he was, he wanted the newspapers agencies to publish his letters. Failing to do so, he would threaten to go on a killing spree. His identity remains unknown even to this day.

The serial killer has five confirmed kills, few assaults and possibilities of having a hand in around 20-28 murders. However, he famously claimed to have killed 37 people. Interesting part was that his victims were gender exclusive and didn’t have anything in common. He gave the police department a run for their money, yet his whereabouts remains unknown. Year after year, the killer’s reference was made, some developments and conspiracies came up, but nothing substantial.

The killer was resolute with his abominable acts that he had the audacity to write letters and give clues. Also, his methodical approach and the use of cryptogram was too good to be broken. The authorities found some success with one of his letters, but nothing good came of it, anyway. Decades after the killings and despite all the efforts, it is indeed a pity that he couldn’t be brought to justice. The matter in question here is perhaps Ted Cruz’s connection to the infamous killer!

Ted Cruz Connection

Frankly speaking, there’s no remote chances that Ted Cruz will have anything to do with the killer. Ted was barely born when the killer was at the top of his game, reports The Verge. People would like to associate the killer with Ted, regardless of the facts. In a recent poll, 38 percent of Florida voters think that there’s a possibility. Also, 10 percent were sure that Ted was the Zodiac Killer!

To the entirety of his campaign, Twitteratis fancied the connection between Ted and the killer. Some people went extra lengths to bring the parallels between the both. Be it the letters in his name to his place of birth, many of Ted’s attributes drew the parallels. Now that Donald Trump is making a mockery out of himself and democracy, joke is not on Ted anymore. Doesn’t mean the joke is dead. It’s as lively as Zodiac Killer’s case is!

Posted by Kelsey Ratliff on Sunday, February 21, 2016

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