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Yes, Donald Trump Genuinely Cares More About Immigrants Than We Think

That’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? That Donald Trump cares more about immigrants than we think when the previous months showed nothing of the sort. In fact, it’s hard to be convinced of this. Joshua Murray on has given it a try to let people understand why Trump is going to be a great president. Read on what he has to say about him below.

Donald Trump: Best President?

“Donald Trump Is Going To Be The Best President Yet, You’ll See” is Joshua Murray’s article title. He then goes on to explain that Trump’s Tuesday night address to congress solidified his belief that he’s the “first president in decades” to keep to his campaign promise.

He then shares his points on why people hate on Trump but why he still won. Murray shares he’s the real deal. Apparently, America is sick of the hypocrisy and Trump is the man who’s going to stay true to his words and stick with his plans.

For instance, his plans of building a wall along the US/Mexico border to keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S. is seen by many as a good choice. Why? This is because they “drive down wages for working class people” according to Murray.

The author ends his article saying that Trump has the ability to “focus on doing what needs to get done” that is beneficial to the country. By the end of his term, he believes that America is going to look better. There’s going to be higher wages, low unemployment rate and less crime. We’ll be thanking Trump for it in the end.

That actually makes you think, will we really?

Some People Think Otherwise

As for Andrew Rosenthal from the New York Times, he thinks Trump is all talk. This is also in reference to Trump’s Tuesday night address to Congress.

Trump’s address was seen as not “normal” since he’s known for going into rants during his speeches. But this time, his address as formal as it can be. But what Rosenthal mentioned is that it’s classic of Trump to invent a problem and then “promising to fix it”. He also pointed out that none of the terrorist attacks in the U.S. since the 9/11 tragedy was executed by the people Trump keeps on targeting with his anti-muslim visa ban from seven countries.

In simpler terms, Trump is apparently promising something but so far, it’s not coming into action. He’s also saying things that aren’t true. Maybe in a few month’s time, we’ll get to see some positive progress. Maybe he does care about immigrants more than we think. But until then, Donald Trump being the best president is still heavily questionable.

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