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The Transition From ‘Obamacare’ to ‘Trump Doesn’t’!

Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is on the verge of a repeal as of now. Donald Trump-led Repiblicans have no alternative, however.

Six years ago, when Obamacare or Affordable Care Act [ACA] came into existence, most took it with a grain of salt. Besides, some polls show that the most Americans leaned towards detesting the ACA too. Contrary to the initial reception, the popularity went on soaring for a while up until 2016. In the wake of change in the political spectrum, ACA’s future is looking bleak.

Obamacare: Highlights and Significance

The healthcare debate went on for a good two years between 2008 and 2010, and finally culminated in the materialization of ACA. The primary agenda was to promote health insurance for the citizens with a set of protocol. The health insurance sector saw a boom in the light of ACA and citizens bought the insurance in large numbers too.

Subsidies were in play for the purchase which was the deciding factor, of course. Ironically, most of the citizens weren’t sure about ACA being a different name for Obamacare. Turns out, most people still criticize the latter, but have nice things to say about ACA. The statute saw to that the insurance companies don’t deny coverage for preexisting conditions.

Under the circumstances, ACA isn’t working out the way it first set out to do. The costs are rising and the citizens are growing weary of it too. However, that’s the least of the problems. Republicans are contemplating to repeal the act and replacing it. While their intentions are clear, they have nothing to show for, however.

The Repeal

Senate Republican leaders are looking to introduce new healthcare provisions in the bill to repeal ACA. The way it stands now, the healthcare is a bubble. Citizens were weary of ACA and are waiting for a revolution in this area. The only question lingering now is if the Republican leaders will come through.

One thing for certain, repealing ACA is no solution in itself. An alternative has to come into existence before pulling the plug on Obama’s healthcare. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is worrying about nuclear proliferation. He doesn’t really care, does he?

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