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Sudanese Trusts Donald Trump To Bring Peace; Should We Too

You would think that Sudanese people would hate US President Donald Trump because of his travel ban against them, right? Surprisingly, a new report said people from the forgotten Nuba Mountains in Sudan have high hopes that Trump will stand up for them. They believe that the US president is going to side with them against war criminals running their country.

In a report published in The Kansas City Star, it said that the Nuba people expect Trump to bring peace there. They said that he could influence the drafting of a new Constitution that will based on equal rights. Kacho Gabush, 27, said in the same interview that he wants to stay in Sudan even amid the war.

Donald Trump And Sudanese Have Same Sentiments

Donald Trump’s reason for the Muslim ban 2.0 was to make America great again. This is probably also how the Nuba people feel about their village. They understand that the embattled US president wants to focus on the needs of his people.

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Much like them, Trump is prioritizing his own country’s needs. On Monday, the president bars new visas for people from Syria, Iran, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen. He also asked for the temporary shutdown of the US refugee program for 120 days.

While several US states moved to challenge the legality of Trump’s Muslim ban 2.0, people in Nuba has a complete understanding of why he needed to act that way. More, they love his tough talk. He is widely admired because Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is “afraid” to meet with Trump.

Bashir, who the International Criminal Court found guilty for genocide and crimes against humanity, was rewarded an easing of financial sanctions. Former President Barack Obama made the decision during his final week in office because Bashir has been providing information to the CIA about the Islamic State.

Of course, what the previous administration never said is that Bashir is supposedly part of the terror network.

Should We Trust Him, Too?

People around the world have been simply reacting to Trump the way they see Americans do. Wouldn’t you want a president who puts his country before anything else? It makes you wonder if the Nuba people better understand the American dream than the Americans themselves.

Donald Trump faces a lot of criticisms, mainly because of his controversial statements against women and immigrants. But if we really think about it, what’s wrong with protecting the rights of his people?

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