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SmartRoads: Donald Trump Can Make This Happen Faster

Donald Trump continues to make headlines as he rolls out his projects. One certain project that’s keeping many interested is his administration’s plans for SmartRoads and autonomous vehicles. This shows that the president isn’t only focusing on the country’s economy, but he’s also focusing on the United States’ technological advancement.

Donald Trump: Smart Roads

The Insurance Journal spoke to Hilary Rowen, a partner in Sedgwick LLP’s San Francisco office. Rowen dedicates herself to insurance regulatory issues and shared what she thought of self-driving cars and SmartRoads.

According to her, smartroads are technologically built roads that have vehicles interact with them. Unlike the current setup of autonomous prototype vehicles (which uses LIDAR or Light Detection and Ranging and visual light cameras to sense their surroundings), SmartRoad technology has the ability for cars to interact with the road and ping them. SmartRoads can even be applied on the freeway.

With this development, self-driving cars, regular vehicles and trucks, can all use the road in such close formation that it could increase road capacity. In addition, there won’t be the need to expand and build freeways.

Though SmartRoads have yet to be finalized, it’s great to see that Trump has plans for them which could help the country’s traffic problems and keep drivers’ safe.

The Administration On SmartRoads

The Insurance Journal continued to ask Rowen about the developers behind autonomous vehicle. So far, under the Obama administration, many are pleased on the idea of self-driving cars. Would that change under the Trump administration?

Rowen shared that she thinks these developers will also be happy under the Trump administration. In addition, she knows of one person who has expressed support for this project and that’s Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation.

However, the new Department of Transportation has yet to make any confirmed plans in building a SmartRoad. This is to give respect to the many plans made by the Obama administration. Although Rowen did acknowledge that the Obama administration’s approach to technology is “much less rigid than the traditional rule-making approach”.

Driverless Cars

As shown at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, there are 12 companies mentioned to be working on driverless cars. These companies are:

  • Intel
  • Hyundai
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Google
  • nuTonomy
  • Volvo
  • Bosch
  • Uber
  • Tesla
  • Ford
  • FiveAI

Some of these car companies are already familiar to some and there could still be more out there. Many are keen to see a future filled with these vehicles. They could be around sooner than you think.

We only hope Donald Trump continues to support this project and we could see a more technologically advanced America soon.

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