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San Francisco Sues Donald Trump: Why This Matters For Immigrants

In case you haven’t heard, Donald Trump wants to make America great again. To do this, the new President is implementing orders meant to tighten the nation’s borders. That means stricter policies for cities and states to cooperate with immigration officers, in search of illegal immigrants to be deported. And that’s where San Francisco is taking a stand.

San Francisco has sued President Donald Trump in response to his executive order. That order strips “sanctuary cities” from federal funding, should they refuse to cooperate with immigration officers. Sanctuary cities refer to those that implement local policies protecting undocumented immigrants from federal law. San Francisco is one such city; 38 other cities and four states are included on that list, according to the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

Obey The Rule Of Law

San Francisco’s city attorney, Dennis Herrera, has criticized Trump’s order as being “not only unconstitutional”, but also “un-American.”

The lawsuit against Trump cites the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, which delegates powers to the states and people. It’s what gives a state its own sovereignty from federal government. Trump’s order – virtually a threat – to pull approximately $1.2 billion in funding from San Francisco, if they refuse to cooperate, is a violation of that.

“You’re not an emperor who rules by Fiat. Obey the rule of law,” Herrera said, in a story shared by The Guardian.

Unlike San Francisco, Miami-Dade county has refused to resist the executive order. Mayor Carlos Gimenez sent a memo last week, instructing the county’s corrections director to cooperate with federal instruction. It basically announced that the jurisdiction would relinquish its reputation as a sanctuary city.

Still, other cities across the nation are setting up their pushes against Trump’s executive order. This matters for immigrants who are representative of the way America was essentially built. Personalities all over the world have expressed as much: the USA is a nation of immigrants. The lawsuit of San Francisco is an echo of that statement.

From now on, it's going to be AMERICA FIRST!

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A Crackdown On Illegal Immigrants

Trump’s order to pull funding from sanctuaries is just one among other provisions of his crackdown. Most popular – or unpopular, if you will – among his policies right now include the wide travel ban for refugees from Syria and six other countries. At this time, both passport holders and refugees coming from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen are barred from entering the US.

There’s also the “wall” that he promised extensively to build during his campaign season. Trump’s administration will oversee the barrier along the USA’s southern border, making entry from Mexico into the US more secure.

He’s also ordered strengthening of the country’s deportation force, with a goal of hiring and training 10,000 more immigration officers. Trump also wants to end the “catch and release” practice which, he argues, invites illegal immigrants to abuse parole and asylum provisions.

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