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The Madman Theory Finds the Madman in Donald Trump!

Richard Nixon’s Madman Theory was over the top even for the Cold War times. The long lost theory might have found its aficionado in Donald Trump.

Impromptu tweets, self-contradictory statements and undying recklessness is the story so far in the Presidential election melodrama. In the wake of the showdown, Donald Trump came out a winner. By and large, the developments aftermath are raising premonitions already. To an extent that it takes us right back to the 70s when the then President Richard Nixon came up with something as audacious as the Madman Theory.

The Madman Theory

To put it in brief, the theory was nothing but Richard’s outlandish foreign policy. As his Chief of Staff once put it, Richard’s idea was to intimidate the Communist Bloc. To do so, he sent out a message to Vietnam that the President has reached the threshold and that he’d take drastic and ruthless decisions.

The Chief of Staff tells that Richard self regarded himself as an obsessed person who has the Nuclear button. Needless to say, Communist Bloc didn’t quite buy the irrational Richard Nixon story. Vietnam didn’t buy it, let alone the Soviet Union! The Republican President had cut his term short, thanks to the Watergate Scandal.

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In the aftermath, America had several Presidents, but none as unconventional and arbitrary as Richard. Furthermore, Nuclear power was a liability to Americans itself during his tenure, one could say. Decades after the fall of Richard and his ‘Madman Theory’, Donald Trump is seemingly the torch-bearer.

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The Similarities

“When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal”, Richard once said. If you’re wondering about similar statements coming from Trump lately, you’re not alone. In addition to that, Trump is a long-time admirer of the latter too. Trump went on record about his wishes to frame one of Richard’s letters in his office too. Voila!

Nuclear Warfare is leaning towards an inevitable choice for the President-elect. His recent tweets are a testament to that fact, of course. He is radiating apprehensions globally with his volatility and nuclear stance – something, Richard would be proud of. History has a peculiar way of repeating itself, indeed.

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