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LGBTQ Rights Threatened To be Revoked Under Trump Administration

News flood the internet lately regarding president-elect Donald Trump’s picks for his cabinet members. Trump’s picks have all but one thing in common – all are against the LGBTQ rights and protections. It is unclear whether this was taken into consideration, however, clues regarding Trump’s stand towards the LGBTQ are in his speech.

Trump is against marriage equality.

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Trump said before that he was a “traditional guy” and that he opposes marriage equality and that he supports domestic partnership benefits instead. He also declined to support the Equality Act. In his Fox News interview, Trump said that he strongly considers appointing judges to overturn same-sex marriage decisions.

Trump to rescind Obama’s Executive Orders

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In one interview, Trump said that he would rescind executive orders. He also cited that the new president may rescind executive orders the minute he takes office. One of Obama’s well-known executive orders is EO 13672 which protects the LGBTQ in their workplace. It is unclear whether Trump will rescind this EO but a possibility considering his choice in cabinet members.

Preserve and Protect Our Religious Liberty

Trump said that his priority as the new President is to protect the First Amendment which references to the Christian and Religious Liberty. The Christian church strongly opposes same-sex marriage. According to them, a child will do best when raised by a mother and a father (a quick fact-check shows otherwise).

All cabinet member picks no acceptance for LGBTQ rights

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Jeff Sessions, attorney general, voted to ban same-sex marriage and excluded sexual orientation in hate-crime legislation. Betsy Devos, Trump’s education Secretary, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-LGBTQ causes. Chief of Staff Reince Priebius and CIA Director Mike Pompeo believe that heterosexual parents are the best case scenario.

Secretary of transportation Elaine Chao is the only one with no record of opinion towards the LGBTQ. Her husband, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitchell McConnell, led anti-LGBTQ rights.

Trump’s LGBTQ support during campaign an empty act

Although during his campaign, Trump waved a pride flag (upside down), LGBTQ advocates spurned Trump, saying that his gestures were nothing but panderings. His running mate during the elections, Mike Pence, supported anti-LGBTQ measures such as allowing businesses to deny services to LGBTQ based on religious reasons.

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