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Ghana Elections 2016: Hackers Spread Fake Election Results

With various countries across the globe going through tremendous changes in administration, time has come for Ghana Elections 2016. Two members from two different parties are in a close fight to win over the votes in the country.

Ghana Elections 2016 is underway and results are soon going to be out. The two leaders in the running are John Mahama and rival Nana Akufo-Addo. The ruling party led by Mahama has been under severe criticism due to accusations of financial mismanagement.

Ghana Elections 2016: Will New Leader Solve Economic Crisis?

Ghana declined from being one of Africa’s most prospering economy to one of the most depreciated ones. While the opposition claims major disproportion of national funds, Mahama’s party refutes the accusations. This is a major issue highlighted in the campaigns of Ghana Elections 2016.

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The present government is asking all citizens to come out and vote in good numbers. They are also promising a growth of 8% in 2017. The present government had lost elections twice before coming to power, reports Al Jazeera. There were reports that citizens were intimidated and some deaths were also reported.

Commission Website Hacked, Fake Elections Results Spread

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In the most recent development, it was reported that Ghana’s electoral commission website was hacked. However, the Commission was quick to respond and disclose that an attempt to put fake results has been foiled.

The EC put out a strong statement saying that the hack was an absolute unnecessary step. They said, “We deplore the attempt to hack the EC’s [electoral commission’s] website. Please respect the integrity and independence of the EC.” The website is back in function and running normally now.

All regions except one have finished voting on Wednesday. The region of Jaman North could not vote on the said day as the election material did not reach them. The region will vote on Dec. 8 (Thursday), reports BBC. While provisional results have begun to come, the overall results of Ghana Elections 2016 will be announced in two days.

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