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Donald Trump: Did US President Really Threaten To Send Troops To Mexico

Barely a week after taking the reigns as the leader of the free world, Donald Trump sticks to his guns. Contemplates military action on Mexico.

“Bad Hombres” he calls them. However, the ambiguity lies in who Donald Trump actually refers to when he calls out for bad men. Does he mean the drug traffickers? The immigrants, may be? Perhaps, Mexicans in general? The question looms, in desperate need for elucidation. The POTUS has reportedly threatened Mexico with dire consequences aka military action if they fail to act on “bad hombres”. What are we missing, eh!

Donald Trump: Mexico Stance

The tensions between the United States and Mexico is proliferating, thanks to Donald’s reckless diplomacy. He is taking no prisoners in a bid to curb the immigration crisis and bring audacious laws. Barely days after imposing a travel ban on people from seven countries, he is sabotaging the peace with Mexico. Speaking of which, Trump had a rather hostile telephone conversation with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, reports Hollywood Life.

Let’s say the talks didn’t end well – courtesy of Trump’s subtle threat to involve the military if Mexican government fails to act. The President, on the other hand, was no game to Trump’s threats. Although there is no precise details of the conversation, but it was definitely not mellow. Considering that Mexico is a sovereign country in itself, this necessarily means violating protocol.

Speaking of violating protocol, Trump had a similar exchange with Australian Prime Minister too. In the light of revoking US’ refugee agreement with Australia, Trump had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Not only did it not end well, but also saw Trump hang up on Malcolm! Go figure. This is gradually turning into a joke, needless to say.

Donald Trump: Aftermath of Election

Jogging the memory to the after of election, Trump was suiting himself to carry out his agenda. The propaganda did wonders for him in the elections and it was time for action! Besides, he is obligated to his xenophobic supporters, anyway. In that respect, he’s going hard at the Mexicans and Muslims from the middle-east.

Not even a month already, and he’s turning mundane life into a dreadful nightmare. People lamenting in the airports, anti-Trump rallies everywhere and premonitions aplenty. Nonetheless, he shows no signs of cessation. Moreover, this might just be for starters! America’s foreign policies from years of development went to dust in merely weeks, of course.

Citizens in general are looking at a bleak future and Trump supporters are clueless as ever. The latter part is subject to no change. Ever.

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