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Donald Trump Finds An Admirer in Under Armour CEO!

Clothing company Under Armour’s founder and CEO, Kevin Plank, is an avid admirer of the President of the United States – Donald Trump. Business as usual, of course!

Birds of same feather, flock together‘! Perhaps, that’s a lucid way to put Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank’s penchant towards Trump. Businessmen tend to think alike and both the persons in question here are no exception. It’s no secret that there are many closet Trump supporters out there. Kevin, however, takes the high road with his admiration towards Trump. Kevin had a few nice and politically correct things to say about Donald Trump after meeting the latter recently.

Donald Trump: Kevin’s Take

Initially in 2006, Under Armour was merely a small company trying to sell footwear. Over the course of next five years, the company grew significantly and by 2015, it was generating 3.9 billion dollars. A success story, indeed. Donald’s fixation with the term ‘success’ is widely popular, which should explain his association with a successful man such as Kevin.

In an interview with CNBC, Kevin reciprocates to Trump’s goodwill for including him in a business meeting. Also, Kevin uses the term ‘pro-business’ while describing Trump. That doesn’t come as a surprise, considering Trump’s business roots. The ambivalence kicks in when Kevin terms him as an ‘asset to the country’. If xenophobia, sexism and male-chauvinism are the factors determining whether something is an asset or not, then Donald stands good chance of being an asset.

In contrast, Trump is far from proving himself as an asset. Perhaps, couple of weeks is barely any time to analyze how Trump will turn out to be. In his defense, he has passed an executive order to repeal two regulations for every new regulation passed. Besides, the meeting that involved Plank was to discuss the hindrance to business. Not to mention, chances are rife that Trump might revoke the Dodd-Frank regulations.

Business As Usual

Before jumping the gun on Kevin’s convictions, it’s important to understand how it works at the elite level. Stakes are high when billions is in the pot and several billionaires are controlling the pot. From one businessman to the other, mutual understanding and amicable relationship is a necessity. Kevin’s positive stance on Donald Trump has pure business intentions, of course.

Kevin further states that he admires people who let their actions speak rather than over-thinking. Ironically, that contradicts with the recent developments coming from Trump’s end. Travel ban, for instance, was done brazenly without any rational thinking at all. Forget over-thinking, there was no thinking in that decision, seems like. Business will boom, regardless.

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