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Donald Trump Twitter: Here’s Why We May Need It To Stay Active

We live in the age of social media. So, perhaps it was only a matter of time before we got a President who had fingerprints all over Twitter. That’s Donald Trump for you. The 45th President of the US isn’t shy about tweeting his thoughts – and they’re not strictly political or presidential, either. Perhaps, that’s why House of Cards creator Beau Willimon is lobbying to shut down the Donald Trump Twitter account.

In a recent stream of tweets, Willimon makes the case that the Donald Trump Twitter account could be detrimental to national security. He argues that Trump’s usage of social media could, on various levels, invite international conflict and intrusion.

Not surprising for anybody who’s previously watched House of Cards. Willimon’s show is all about the dangers of corruption when one sits in the highest seat of governmental power.

A Real Life House Of Cards

Beau Willimon began his tweets by pointing out Trump’s tirade about being wiretapped by Obama’s administration. Though the situation would otherwise be a matter worth an administrative investigation, Willimon pointed out Trump’ lack of evidence.

He refers to the “tantrum” as another reckless bypassing of diplomatic channels. To him, it’s a small sample of a huge problem. Here are some of his tweets:

Why Twitter Shouldn’t Take It Down

While Willimon’s arguments bear some weight, he doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head with regard to freedom of speech. According to him, the White House has tried to delegitimize selected press by calling them the “enemy of the people”. He also argued that the administration has “ignored the hard questions”… and therefore, Trump’s account deserves its own lockout.

Fighting fire with fire is not the appropriate solution here. If one were to counteract Trump’s claims, it should be by deconstructing them or arguing them, and not by silencing them.

Freedom of speech technically makes it impossible for Trump or Congress to demand the silence of the press, either way. Willimon’s suggestion that Trump would strip the press of their voice is unfounded, because even the president can’t do that. The Donald Trump Twitter account is free to make all the noise it wants – as does the press, and his critics.

Also, censorship is an awfully powerful tool; silencing one, even online, is a statement in itself. Censoring Trump’s tweets would outrage Trump’s supporters, especially if it’s only due to a difference in political opinion. That’s far more likely a cause to shut it down, than the threat of international conflict erupting over a few tweets, no matter how juvenile they may seem.

If World War III is going to erupt, it will probably be because of nuclear weaponry, and not a few angry tweets.

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