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Donald Trump Travel Ban: Some Supporters Now Regret Voting For Him

People voted for him for the promises he made. And now that he’s keeping his promises, the same people are regretting their votes. Since the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, several former supporters have begun expressing dismay.

It seems they don’t lack reasons to be sorry for, either. Whether its because of the travel ban, his cabinet choices, or his racism on display, those supporters have begun hopping over the other side of the fence. Not exactly the best first week of presidency we’ve seen, in terms of uniting the country.

Trump Regrets On Twitter

Twitter is one sphere where the shift of those former supporters can be best seen. College Humor recently compiled a list of tweets from people who had confidently celebrated Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the elections. These were then put side-by-side with more recent tweets expressing anger or regret, from the same users.

“Love Trump for his style. Standing up against all odds. Media, RNC DNC, CIA FBI,” one tweet dated Jan. 18 read. “I regret voting for Trump now. Unfortunately (choices) were so bad that he seemed better however majority of America is right. He is lunatic,” the same user tweeted on Jan. 29.

Others were more particular about the reasons for their regret. The executive order implemented by Donald Trump, banning travel of passport holders and refugees alike from seven predominantly Muslim countries, has been the cause of much of the turn-around.

“You’ve got this! Good luck Mr. Trump!” one tweet read, dated Sept. 26, back during campaigning season. Then, the same user’s tweet on Jan. 28 read: “My husband can’t get back in the country now after 28 days at work. Thanks. I wish I never voted for you.”

A whole Twitter account, @trump_regrets, has since been set up to capture and retweet such remarks. It’s gained over a hundred thousand followers since.

Election Fallout

For many US citizens eligible to vote, the Nov. 9 elections posed the worst choices for President for a long, long time. Donald Trump walked in, infamous for his lack of political experience and sexist/racist remarks. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, was trailed by corruption scandals and criticisms of warmongering. While both sides had genuine supporters, plenty of voters only voted for whom they believed was the lesser evil.

Still, it was Trump’s promise to “make America great again” that won him the elections. Unfortunately, his approach to doing that – which includes kicking illegal immigrants out by the boatload – has been just as divisive as his whole campaign was. We’ve got two weeks down, and the rest of four years to go.

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