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Donald Trump Removed ‘LGBT’ and ‘Climate Change’ From White House Website: The Truth

Some people were dreading it, and some people couldn’t wait for it. But it’s happened: Donald Trump has been inaugurated and is officially the President of the United States. Along with this transition came one of an online variety: the changes to the White House website. And with outlets reporting the disappearance on LGBT and Climate Change pages on the website, several people are crying foul.

Trump’s critics will frequently point to the divisive rhetoric that was very prevalent during his campaign. Many would point out his misogynist speech and his evasive answers during the presidential debate. For those critics, the disappearance of the LGBT and Climate Change pages – and within hours of the inauguration, no less – confirms several fears. But what’s really going on here?

Were The Pages Really Deleted?

The new website has indeed undergone a makeover. Photos of Donald Trump, with Vice President Mike Pence, welcome page visitors. A button to a video of his inauguration speech also takes center stage. Gone are a vast majority of the content set up by Obama’s administration.

However, CNN and other news outlets have begun to clarify that the removal of Obama’s content is simply part of the transition plan for the website. It’s something that’s meant to happen every four years anyway; it will take a short while for Trump’s website to launch in its completion.

So yes, the links to the original pages set up for LGBT and Climate Change are gone from the website, BUT the content has not been deleted. They have simply been archived, transferred over to Similar moves have been made for the relevant Twitter accounts, with the handle @POTUS being transferred to Trump, for example, and Obama’s tweets being moved to @POTUS44.

Making America Great Again

Trump’s website did, however, get a head start on some top issues, as focused on by the President. Links to pages featuring these topics – most of which he had touched upon in campaign season – are at the website’s bottom.

They include: America First Energy Plan; America First Foreign Policy; Bringing Back Jobs And Growth; Making Our Military Strong Again; Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community; and Trade Deals Working For All Americans.

Trump has infamously already dismissed Climate Change, which may be something for environment-conscious citizens to be concerned about. But his specific stance on the LGBT community – which has supported and protested him in mixed proportions – is yet to be seen through policy.

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