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Donald Trump Reassures Everyone His Healthcare Plans Will Satisfy

If anyone is feeling particularly confident about healthcare reforms right now, it’s the guy who’s pushing for them. Donald Trump, once again making noise via his Twitter account, is ensuring everyone that plans are going well. The US President spent a good fraction of his campaign promising to change Obamacare. And just like his wall, he seems intent on making good on that promise.

“Despite what you hear in the press,” Trump wrote, “healthcare is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!”

The Good Of Trumpcare

Officially being called the American Health Care Act (AHCA), Trumpcare introduces a change in direction versus Obamacare. One of the biggest changes would the elimination of mandated purchase of health insurance. With the Affordable Care Act – aka Obamacare – the insurance mandate penalized those who didn’t sign up. For many, this was an unnecessary aspect of health care, and even with subsidies, some people neither want nor need insurance.

The Trumpcare Bill would also allow two important provisions of Obamacare to remain. One, it would still provide for pre-existing medical conditions. Two, it would allow those under the age to 26 to remain on their parents’ health insurance.

Though it splits the crowd, initial Trumpcare versions would also get a thumbs up from those against abortion as a moral stance. The AHCA pulls federal funding from the legal termination of pregnancies.

The Criticisms

However, the idea of dumping the ACA in favor of this new AHCA has been largely panned. Most of the criticisms come from regular, non-upper-class American citizens, who stand to lose gains. Trumpcare replaces Obamacare subsidies with tax credits, and as a result, health insurance premium would rise.

The difficulty America already faces when it comes to healthcare is its cost; Trumpcare does very little to solve that issue. It’s a small issue to those of higher income levels. But those with lower incomes will now find it more difficult to receive health care. And since Trumpcare allowed insurers to charge older Americans more, the whole plan seems skewed toward those selling rather than those buying.

The fear is that Trumpcare would lead into a death spiral: a pattern in which costs rise, which force people out of the program, which drives costs up even more. Those against the AHCA proposal fear that a collapse is inevitable.

Any thoughts on the AHCA yourself? Let us hear them in the comments below.

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