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Donald Trump And The Beginning of the Nuclear Saga

A remote thought of a nuclear war sends shivers down the spine. The President-elect Donald Trump is unlikely to agree to that notion.

Say what you will, but Donald Trump is the epitome of an American dream. It’s easier for people to ridicule his self-made billionaire story, but what do they know! As much as people would like to limit him to a bricks and mortar guy, he’s a success story. Made billions, got away doing questionable deeds, got away saying vile things and here he is – the 45th President of United States of America.

Donald Trump and the Nuclear Saga

Nuclear Warfare and good ol’ Donald go way back in time. It was perhaps in one of those interviews couple of decades ago when Donald came clean about his desire to run for President. This was, however, no more than a joke then. The motif of these past interviews is Donald’s apprehensions about the impending nuclear threat. He just wouldn’t take anything else for an answer!

The first of these interviews is a good 25 years ago, ironically, it was for Playboy! Case in point, Trump said that he often thinks of Nuclear war with reference to future. While he agrees that it is a catastrophe, he doesn’t, for once, entertain the idea of averting it. He went on to add that people are stupid to think that it will never happen too.

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In another similar talk with MSNBC, Trump had premonitions about a nuclear Armageddon. He was quite assertive on that too. In addition to that, he brings Hitler into the discussion. Go figure! His argument is if Hitler had nuke codes, he would tear down the Fifth Avenue. In one of his books, he writes about his Uncle John, who had similar concerns.

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The Present-day Stance

Earlier in his campaigns, he didn’t shy away from saying that he’s open for Nuclear use. Donald Trump is a prisoner of his conscience and his conscience says to him – War! The guy in question here is the one who is weeks away from getting the nuke codes. He’s not a believer in peace, he doesn’t believe in humanity, but he is a believer in Nukes.

There are close to 4500 nuclear weapons available at his disposal and he holds the remote. This ain’t 1945, bombs can devour an entire country in a click, such is the intensity. Donald, however, resorts to Twitter diplomacy and lambasting China. About time he realizes that nuclear war is a choice and everyone should stand against it. Welcome to the brave new world!

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