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Donald Trump Nixon: Controversial and Cantankerous – A Comparative Analysis

The Donald Trump Nixon parallels are hard to ignore. It is indeed a thin line between the President-elect and the former President.

Richard Nixon became the President of the United States in 1969 and had a tumultuous tenure, to say. The Republican Party is perhaps the first of the similarities between Nixon and Trump. The Donald Trump Nixon comparison doesn’t come as a surprise, thanks to Nixon’s disposition on certain factors. One thing for certain, the analysis is definitely a downer!

Donald Trump Nixon: Similarities

Nixon had an animosity towards the media, something common with Trump. Besides, the former went on to great lengths to keep the media at bay and it backfired. Perhaps, it was the media that had a hand in shedding light on Nixon’s Watergate scandal. Nixon took a final jab at the media by saying “the Press don’t have him to kick around anymore”, before resigning!

Donald, on the other hand, had a meeting with the media representatives recently that went sour. He took on New York Times head-on, questioning their reports on him during the campaign. Furthermore, he is seeking a mutually amicable relationship in the future. He didn’t stoop to Nixon’s lows by wiretapping and threatening, however. Too soon, perhaps!

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Another vital similarity is the audacity to radiate bigotry and racism in their propaganda. Nixon, as intellectual as he was, had his fair share of accusations on racial grounds. Both the leaders came to power by going hard on the minorities too. In addition to that, Trump is planning on putting up a picture of Nixon’s letters in his office. Just like everyone thought!

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The Nuances

Nixon, for instance, had an immense knowledge of the policies and the governance structure. Donald Trump is seemingly a novice in this regard, but he’s the dark horse, under the circumstances. Despite the Watergate misdemeanor, Nixon can boast of EPA and the China relations.

Contrary to Nixon’s China-stance, Donald holds a different opinion. Nixon had a close relation with Chinese counterparts. He kept Russia at bay and wasn’t in their good books. Donald, however, is initiating quite an opposite scenario. He is tight with Putin and has slight to no regard for ‘One China Policy’.

The Donald Trump Nixon debate doesn’t end here, of course. Both were furtive with their agenda and provide a ‘madman’ unpredictability constantly. Nixon had a career that came to a halt with his resignation. Not the one Trump would like to tread on.

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