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What Really Happened On Donald Trump Leonardo DiCaprio Meeting

Donald Trump Leonardo DiCaprio met in New York City in a bid to convince the incoming administration to focus on the preservation of environment. The actor and the head of his foundation made a presentation before Trump on how renewable and clean energy can create millions of jobs. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and the rest of his team were also in attendance.

This came mere hours after the president-elect named Scott Pruitt as administrator of EPA. Pruitt is the attorney general of Oklahoma and a skeptic of climate science. Many viewed this as the Republican’s step to demolish the progress done by the Obama administration in the fight against climate change. Pruitt earlier questioned studies that showed human activities cause the planet to get warmer.

Donald Trump Leonardo DiCaprio meeting progressive?

Terry Tamminen, the head of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, said that the president-elect was “receptive” of their message. He also suggested for another Donald Trump Leonardo DiCaprio meet next month. The actor earlier met with Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, to present her with a copy of his documentary film, Before The Flood.

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Donald Trump Leonardo Di Caprio

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Leonardo DiCaprio

The said documentary addresses the dangers because of the effects of climate change. Both DiCaprio and former Vice President Al Gore targeted Ivanka because she had promised to speak against climate change despite her father’s cynicism. Gore turned environmental campaigner after his term, and has worked with the actor in numerous projects.

Tamminen, in a statement to The Associated Press, said the LDF will continue to work with the Trump administration to combat climate change and to generate work for millions of people. Tamminen was secretary of California’s Environmental Protection Agency under former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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DiCaprio a longtime environmental advocate

DiCaprio has been an environmental advocate long before he ate a raw bison liver and slept inside an animal carcass in his award-winning role in The Revenant. He even used his Oscars Best Actor acceptance speech to call on everyone to reject “the politics of greed” and to support leaders who will take action against climate change.

It is safe to say that the Donald Trump Leonardo DiCaprio Wednesday meeting will not be the last as the actor has worked tirelessly with previous administrations on environmental issues.

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