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Donald Trump Just Showed He’s Capable Of Being Calm, Collected, And Cool

US President Donald Trump marked his 40th day of presidency with his first speech to Congress. And in a bit of an unexpected turn, his speech was unusually calm and collected. It was a radical change from his now-infamous boisterous and even divisive rhetoric. Even Trump’s critics might admit that his speech was quite presidential.

In a speech before both Republicans and Democrats, Donald Trump extended a hand to both, emphasizing the need for unity. Rather than using the podium to call out critics – besides a few indirect fact-based jabs at the Obama administration – Trump emphasized that only with such unity can solutions to problems become manifest.

“Everything that is broken in our country can be fixed,” he said, “every problem can be solved, and every hurting family can find healing and hope.”

Keeping His Promises

While clearly trying to go for an uplifting spirit, Trump maintained promises on the agenda he set down once he was seated in the Oval Office. Some of his goals were familiar. For instance, there’s the huge tax cut he means to implement, which would benefit the middle class.

Regarding the military, he maintained that he wants to put a greater focus on America’s armed forces. He did say that the US would stand by NATO – dispelling any remaining concerns about leaving that international alliance. But that was under the clear-cut caveat that the US comes first in any decision.

Donald Trump also mentioned reform of health care, which he still wants to make cheaper. And on the hot topic of immigration, Trump exerted the necessity of a merit-based immigration set-up. He mentioned that reform was possible, as long as the focus was on “improving jobs and wages for Americans, strengthening our nation’s security, and restoring respect for or laws”. Such promises seemed to be an effort of reaching toward compromise on recently divisive issues.

Not Everyone Impressed

According to Reuters, the speech generally drew a positive reaction. A CNN poll found that 57% felt Donald’s Trump’s speech was very positive, and 69% said they felt optimistic about the country.

But though the president changed his manner of address, some of the original criticisms that have followed his presidency remained. After all, a change in delivery doesn’t necessarily improve the quality of his planning. And critics will point out that he was still very unspecific regarding the approach to achieving his plans.

Delaware Senator Christopher Coons said that the budget proposals for all the planned programs were “gravely concerning.”

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