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Donald Trump Impeachment: Can The New President Really Be Removed And Replaced

Can we throw him out now through a Donald Trump impeachment? Ever since he took office in mid-January, the President has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Now, protests are on the streets, in airports, on the internet, in schools, and in homes.

Trump has been acting like he was elected as a dictator—where he can do anything he wants, Constitution be damned. But he wasn’t, right? The checks and balance still work in America, and Trump has been checked in the past weeks alone.

Yes, There Can Be A Donald Trump Impeachment

How can we get rid of this guy seems to be the question in everyone’s mind nowadays. We can wait for 2020 and hopefully, by then, Americans will no longer vote for this guy. Or, Americans (the Congress, particularly) can hold a Donald Trump impeachment and throw this guy out of the White House.

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Of course, that’s easier said than done. Republicans have control over both the Congress and the Senate, and it will take these two chambers to get the impeachment done. He can get impeached for treason, bribery, or other high crimes of misdemeanor.

While it’s almost impossible to prove treason and bribery, crimes of demeanor is another matter. If you can remember, former President Bill Clinton was impeached because of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. That falls under high crimes of misdemeanor while in office.

Trump’s ethics (if there is) can be a subject for debate. Some of his policies may be deemed as a crime of misdemeanor. There’s no shortage of “misdemeanors” when we talk about this President, after all.

However, an impeachment trial, even with an enthusiastic Congress, will take months. With a president like Trump, that seems to be a very, very long time. Look at what he did in less than two weeks?

There’s A Third Option To Get Him Out Of Office

Lucky for the Americans, there’s another option for Trump to have an early exit. The 25th Amendment of the Constitution states that the Vice President and the majority of the principal officers of the executive department can declare the President “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

Of course, to be successful at this, Americans need Vice President Mike Pence to wish for the Oval Office. That’s not including these “principal officers”, we all have to convince to throw out Trump.

Still, the fact that there are three ways (and possibly more) for Donald Trump impeachment gives hope to plenty of Americans. And honestly, with his mentality, it wouldn’t be a surprise if someone starts the ball rolling now.

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