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Donald Trump: We Should Care About His Wiretapping Charge Against Barack Obama – Here’s Why

Well, when it rains, it pours. Donald Trump’s Twitter account has caused another tidal wave, this time due to claims of being wiretapped. And it’s not just pointing fingers at anybody. He’s specifically looking at former President Barack Obama’s administration as the culprit. The claims have naturally churned up a storm of responses, and the White House is scrambling to take appropriate action.

The difficulty seems to be that the 45th US President’s tweet is largely without evidence. Being the chief executive of the US, however, the administration has still been obliged to respond. A congressional investigation has been launched into the claims that his phones were tapped during “the very sacred election process”. This was would mean a few months ago, back to Nov. 9 and the weeks preceding it.

Conspiracy Theory? Or Real Life Crime?

Due to the nature of Donald Trump’s whole Twitter account, it may be easy to shrug off his claims. After all, a good majority of Trump’s critics will quickly point to his tweeting habit as a negative sign of his character. At best, it would be juvenile self-promotion; at worse, blatant misinformation.

Less visible to the common people online, however, is the danger lurking behind the potential truths. Being wiretapped – eavesdropped upon through a bug in one’s communication lines – is a serious invasion of privacy. Even the FBI and other intelligence agencies would need to present very good justification to do it legally. If Trump’s accusation had been made by anyone else (such as, say, Obama) then the severity of the situation would be more visible. It wouldn’t be drowned out by the noise of other social media posts.

As much approval that Barack Obama got in the eye of the public, he still garnered a few considerable criticisms. Extrajudicial executions is included there, as well as being an apparent warmonger. It’s not outrageous that a man in a seat of power would have eyes and ears on important figures – such as a potential next president. In any case, “the Obama Administration” need not mean Barack Obama himself – it could include any of the intelligence agencies under his administration.

The reason we still have to take Trump’s claims seriously is rooted in his right to be heard as well. The President of the US now has access to various lines of information. If not for the general cynicism that the public has attached to Trump, this would be bigger issue.

Deflections Of Blame

Peter Wehner, a policy strategist of former president George W. Bush’s, is among those who would question the legitimacy of Trump’s claims. As shared by the Washington Post, he has called Trump “erratic, vindictive, volatile, obsessive, a chronic liar, and prone to believe in conspiracy theories.”

Others would focus on the contact Trump’s camp made with Russians during the election period. If ever there were a justification for the wiretapping of an American citizen, the potential of elections interference would be one of them.

In response, Donald Trump’s camp has argued that attention is being misdirected by the Democrats to continue excusing Hilary Clinton’s loss. The deflections of blame being tossed about by parties on either side seem like a far cry from the Trump’s speech to Congress calling for unity just last week.

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